Rebecca Aylward murder trial: Schoolboy made 'sinister' joke about ex-girlfriend days before killing

A SCHOOLBOY joked that “life would be easier” if he killed his ex-girlfriend, days before she was found murdered in a forest, a jury heard yesterday.
The youngster, now aged 16, allegedly battered Rebecca Aylward, 15, with a rock after their bitter break-up.
A friend told Swansea crown court that the accused lad – who cannot be named for legal reasons – had previously said: “Wouldn’t life be a lot easier if she wasn’t here. I’m going to kill her.”
Speaking via video link, the 16-year-old pal said: “We never thought he was serious. It didn’t seem real, but now it seems there was a bit of sinister intent. At the time it seemed like a joke.”
Explaining that the pair’s ­relationship ended badly, he added: “He spread a rumour that she had an abortion. It is a horrible thing to say – this was just after they broke up.”