MEET kelly madison

SCORE: Where are you from?
KELLY MADISON: Orange, California.

SCORE: So, you're a California girl. Born and raised?
KELLY MADISON: Yes. I was born in Newport Beach, California.

SCORE: Are you a beach girl? How did you get started with Scoreland?
KELLY MADISON: Somewhat. A lot more when I was younger. Actually, I go to the beach more now to walk my dog. Scoreland was a coincidence but I will get back to that later :)

SCORE: Let's say we were to run into you at the beach. Would you be wearing jeans and a T-shirt, a bikini?
KELLY MADISON: Probably cut-off jean shorts, a bikini top, and I always have my G-string bikini bottoms on under my shorts, in case I take them off.

SCORE: Do you get a lot of attention when you're walking on the beach?
KELLY MADISON: Yeah, mostly directed towards my boobs. I definitely get noticed in a bikini. Sometimes I think it's my dog getting attention, but I think I'm just fooling myself. Guys are always coming up to me wanting to pet him.

SCORE: Is your dog a boob hound?
KELLY MADISON: (laughing) I have a big, huge 115-pound yellow Lab, and he's definitely a boob hound.

SCORE: He would have to be. So, you're walking along the beach, wearing a bikini top. How small is this top?
KELLY MADISON: When I was younger, I was a lot more conservative and I always tried to hide my boobs. I would wear bikini tops that would cover everything, and finally I've gotten to a point where I want to enjoy and show them off. Now I wear teenie, tiny triangle ones. The kind that barely covers the nipple.

SCORE: And this g-string bottom is very tiny, too?
KELLY MADISON: Yep. It barely covers anything. I like to tease a little on the beach.

SCORE: Do guys often approach you at the beach?
KELLY MADISON: Yeah, they do, but I'm really lucky because I seem to attract the nice ones. I don't get a lot of scandalous things said to me. A lot of gentleman approach me, so it's not a bad thing.

SCORE: I would imagine a lot of guys, when they're going up to a woman who looks like you, start giving you lines. Are you thinking this guy's interested in you or just your boobs?
KELLY MADISON: I tend to always think the guy's interested in me at first. And then as the conversation goes on, I usually figure out if it's about the boobs or about me. I try to keep fairly open because you never know what angle they're coming from.

SCORE: How do you figure that out?
KELLY MADISON: Well, usually if they try to keep it more on an intellectual level. I mean, if they start with the sexual innuendos, you usually know what direction they're going in.

SCORE: You are undoubtedly a great business woman, if not the most successfull pornstar entrepreneur among your peers. Have you been preparing yourself for the coming cellphone porn wave?
KELLY MADISON: Absolutely. We are going mobile. It is a mobile world now.