Emma Watson not deserve success claims himself

The Hollywood blockbuster film series ' Harry Potter ' close friend of the hero ' Hermione Granger ' , acting as house to house actress Emma Watson to be recognized nowadays are pretty upset , and they have much more success came from his ability 's .

Indeed , Emma his ' Harry Potter ' to get out of the image , and that is why he is " The Perks of Being a Wallflower ' and 'The Bling Ring ' starred in films like . He wants to establish herself as a serious actress , but she feels incomplete about his acting abilities .

According to the website 23 - year-old Emma Watson ' Rookie ' magazine interview , " it " syndrome Impostr says ... like - like I 'm gonna do better , I will always hurts more than before realizing that whatever success I have achieved , I 'm not worth it ... I'm afraid that I will say is that suddenly someone came and traitors , and I do not deserve any of your achievement ... "

Well Emma from within ' Hermione Granger "image credited with helping to carry out directed by Stephen Chaboski ' The Perks of Being a Wallflower given to . Emma Watson said: " Harry Potter since I did not trust myself as an actress but ... I 'm very lucky that I have now improved , but those days I needed someone who actor on me confident as possible, and Stephen Chaboski been doing exactly that ... "