Insurance And Sickness System

Last month, the U.S. government is aware of reports of all living people may be aware of the occurrence of stop functioning . Additionally , they will also know that the prisoner known as the Obamacare in the extent of the health insurance reforms . Health services in developing countries are the most expensive in America . The poor quality of health services in the U.S. only . Additionally , the attitude of the consumers to the health insurance system is going to be the enemy . It not only business newspaper reader , get to know other people .'s .
In India, people do not need to do that . Around us is always provided by central or state governments are free wellness facilities . Now that the health system has developed in the country , at every level of high -quality medical facilities can be provided . Regardless of whether the village primary health center or specialty hospital in the country . What can be done in the U.S. ? No. But the cost of health services and health insurance concerns are growing rapidly in almost all rich Indians . Government health services are basically focused on current and retired employees . Private health services not only the quality is questionable , but they are so expensive that no one member of the family to be suffering from serious illness , many people simply go bankrupt . The average amount that includes people who have health insurance leads .
Increasing the pace at which prices of these services , from healthcare costs and health insurance in India soon as the U.S. can become a major financial issue . Medical Care in India is soon going to become a major financial issue . This position is also about the quality of these facilities . If you talk to people in any hospital today (as I did recently ), you will find that the biggest cause of stress is not a disease , but rather fall under the insurance cover is extremely amount of .
This is definitely a lack of financial planning . However, the regulation needs to focus equally on the debate . Overcharging issue is that hospitals and insurance companies to limit coverage to the outside and the disease is progressing . Health insurance business in the U.S. since 1990 to determine reasonable rates instead has focused on ways to avoid coverage . The only healthy people sell insurance policies and increase profits . These working in India has made considerable inroads . There are two solutions to this problem . So Obamacare , which states that healthcare and health insurance personal and profits - while maintaining a focused business rules , to refuse problems will focus on cost and coverage . The second kind of solution is being implemented in countries where health services are better . It is envisaged that the medical sector is an exception to preserve the efficiency of the market . This is an area where customer information or rationale is not in a position to choose the option . Socialist solution can only be applied in this area . The same principle should be applied in India , otherwise a large number of Indians have become a victim of medical expenses related to financial disaster . Only a few people will be able to afford it .