Kim Kardashian Controversy about the gift.......

Reality star , actor , actress , models are the only world where the very Controversial lives and may not have made ​​it . It is an American reality star Kim appears to be about nowadays is Kardashian .

Kim Kardashian Kenye Hbi the West has a bag which looks toward Controversial issue . This question is that this is the most prized art or a waste of money . , This bag costs $ 15,000 ( Rs 928 875 ) is . Created by artist George Condo is a painting on the bag , but it is causing quite Controversial . It obscenity in the name of art is termed enhancer .

American reality star / model / actress Kim Kardashian their boyfriends Kenye West as a Kisms gift bag has a Harmij Birking . Kim made ​​when he answered the question on whether it is a Christmas gift . It is her husband . However, irrespective of things , but this bag is definitely created sensation in the name of art