No longer want to be Pregnent: Kim Kardeshian

American TV star Kim Kardeshian became the mother says that she wants to conceive anymore , because this round is very painful .

Daily Mirror " the 32 -year-old Kim during his show last June 16 complained of abdominal pain , after which he was admitted to the hospital . Now he has to express the whole round . Kim said , it was a painful battle . It caused me so much trouble . I could not even walk . I was wondering why this is happening to me ? I can not do it again .

He then relieved when the doctors said that the baby's health is absolutely fine . Kim gave birth to a daughter on Saturday . According to sources, Kim Kardeshian newborn daughter looks like her mother . Newborn baby in mother 's name resembling can be placed . Kim is the mother of five weeks before schedule . A source said , the baby has dark hair and he looks like his mother .