Selecting Health Insurance......Check This

In February this year, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ( IRDA ), the Health Insurance has issued guidelines for solving many troubles . Guidelines for individual policies October , 2013 will apply . IRDA definitions of several terms used in health insurance is standardized . Portability to various complications resolved by simplifying the regulator . It would be easy to understand why health policy . Hidden companies on terms not misled policyholders added. Prevalent in the health insurance regulator 46 is clearly defined terms . Furthermore , it is clear that the 11 critical illnesses . Let us understand the benefits of the new definitions .
What is the deductible :
For example, in the case of a Indemnity policy the amount of the deductible under the policy is Rs 2,000 and Rs 10,000 in treatment costs borne by the policyholders themselves to be Rs 2,000 . The insurance company will pay the remaining Rs 8,000 . If untreated , it costs just Rs 2,000 , the insurance company will not have any cover .
Insurance companies must clearly mention that is applied on an annual basis , whether the claim may be times during the year , once the policyholder to pay the deductible . Based on the per- claim policy holder if it is applied to claims that any number of times during the year, the deductible will apply . If you have applied for life cover, the policyholder pays the deductible amount shall claim would do it himself .
Depending on the company 's profits Portability :
Health Insurance IRDA has also simplified Portability related troubles . Portability means that the insurance company when you change your policy benefits they remain years old company in which you earned. To cover pre-existing diseases of the lead time and include such diseases are covered after a certain period .
Changes in the definition of hospital :
According to the new definition , any hospital or nursing home will be registered under the Clinical Establishment Act, 2010, there will be validated treatment . Health Insurance now offers 15 beds in hospitals come out .