Separately prepared to carry accident insurance policy

Right now we are present in the country with 43 ​​branches in cities . Through it we are covering the area about three hundred of the country . Our client in 2,500 hospitals are taking advantage of cashless treatment facility . In today 's health care for 680,000 people . There are 450 of these corporate wellness programs that benefit our health insurance . We are clear about quarter past two hours cashless claims and payment term of 14 days have brought us .
Future strategy?
Comprehensive health insurance policy group than we are . Now our plan, travel insurance , personal accident insurance and wellness programs is to bring the retail market . It makes wellness programs ranging from health insurance will cover the entire cycle . While no ready product to the customer's needs is our focus . Further expanding its distribution network and is also included in our strategy .

Care is a complete and comprehensive health insurance product that meets the needs of all of our clientele . This product needs our full attention to maintaining good health and at times is the need for better treatment . This is a premium product which can sum up to Rs 60 lakh . Keeping in mind the needs of consumers has been developed .

It is a great acceptance by clients . Nearly 20 per cent of our current retail business online business is coming from . The company has its portal design like this allows customers to easily online without any hassle to buy a health policy .