Strategies For Loss in ULIP....

I have two thousand eight of LIC Market Plus was funded by his agent said . I am constantly throughout my premiums . But his agent revealed that my money down to 1 lakh 56 thousand to 2 million is left . What should I do ?
LIC Market Plus Plan is a ULIP plan . It is linked to stock market risk . Many insurance agents attractive returns in the market, such an insurance policy in the name of every marketing . On the basis of past performance of the market returns promised were similar in the future . This market is influenced by many investors to save tax by investing in a ULIP plans to invest in the hope of better returns . Since 2008, the average performance of the markets because the insurance plan which is less than the NAV ( net asset value ) was less than their original investment .
In our opinion ULIP investors should invest for the long term , because it does not work on investment of less than 10 years . If you have to pay the required premium and you do not want to invest further . But the loss of your investment to surrender the policy will be removed .