What Woman Wants From Real Man

Professor, Department of texts written by Vatsyayana ' Kama Sutra is discussed in detail in the women than the men how to woo succeed. Even in ancient times, has been written, ' formula ' , whether or not now as much as possible , but it is , after all, there continues to be a wonder ..

Kama Sutra of men in some of the features that is mentioned, so that they are able to easily appeal to women .' Kamasutra ' , the way to woo women, men are more successful , detailed knowledge of the Kama Sutra .

By the way, men, women have a lot of allowances , the narrative - storytelling skills are. That is, the things that are offered timely manner, expanding the catchy .

Full of young men and women, like the physically capable .

By proving its expertise in sports , and the arts to gain the confidence of the men .

Appropriate to the conversation , not the vain talk more to the women who likes it.

Lucky for the man whose famous as the one in the women 's favorite .

Takes on new meaning as the men to come .

Gifts by nature with men, women are at the heart of their mark .

Adventure of men to women , men are able to attract .

Knowledge , as , qualities, and sano - Shaukat men are preferred in terms of the best .

' Kama Sutra was written in a much more valuable garb of the men are able to appeal to women

' Kamasutra ' is mentioned in some detail the characteristics that men are expected to be in the

The articulation is the property of the male should be.

All men should be familiar with the feelings and beliefs .

For men, poetry - and tell the story to illustrate the efficiency should be achieved .

Men should have a talented and should have knowledge of various trades .

In the state of knowledge in the best and most suitable for older people should be able to respect .

Kama Sutra , the men should be ambitious and energetic .

It is expected that men love permanently .

Men should be discarded and condemned others should be avoided.

Well man is naturally the most preferred .

Powerful men are favored among women

Alcohol consumption is one attribute , which is expected to men .

Rusom the ' masculine - Done it should be . It is one of the most desired properties .

Men who behave well towards women have a reputation with women .

Men are supposed to be the best of the non- addicted women .

Cruelty -free allowance to women and men who have heartburn .

Sankarahita and worked with the men, women have a place in the hearts of .

In conclusion it can be said that always liked a few basic points have been made .

To pass close to the millennium ' Kama Sutra 's relevance is not reduced .

It also extends to the sort of drug is mentioned, the - the color of the glow could be .

Kama Sutra is described in the Multiplier tips , but their use should be done under the supervision of an experimental person .

It also extends to the sort of drug is mentioned, the - the color of the glow could be .